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Al Caffodio


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 Al Caffodio


Message from Dave Sandusky; CCSL Bay Region Soccer League Administrator

Club Presidents, Directors of Coaching and Coaches,

CYSA District 3 and District 4 have merged their Division 3 playing leagues for the 2011-12 season.  Division 3 teams that played in the District 3 (Al Caffodio) and District 4 playing leagues last year will play in the District 3 and District 4 combined playing league in 2011.  The new league will provide flights for U9 to U19 when there are enough teams to form flights.  We expect multiple flights in some age groups based on the number of teams that played District 3 (8 flights at ages U14-U19) and District 4 (27 flights at ages U10 to U19).

The merged leagues will play under the CYSA Cal Soccer League (CCSL) in the Bronze division of the Bay Region. In the CCSL, Division 1 level teams play in Premier, Gold, Silver Elite and Silver flights; Division 3 teams play in the Bronze flights.  The combined league will play using the CCSL playing rules.

The team registration deadline is June 1.  Teams will be registered on line by a representative of each club at:

Please communicate your intent to register to by May 15th, so we may forecast the numbers of teams in each age group. 

Dave Sandusky


CCSL Bay Region Soccer League

Phone: (w) 510-266-8117  (c) 925-209-9492 |


Message from Donna Kerger; District III Commissioner

Dear District III Presidents,

Ray Suey (District IV's Commissioner) and I have been working with Dave Sandusky, Mustang's VP (and the Administrator for the Joint District III and IV Playing League) along with Ballistric's Ed Lucco and Paul Fernbach and Doug Kreiss of District IV to bring this program to the 2011-2012 Season.  It is our goal to that this League provide a high level of competition for your Division 3 teams and players and will be able to play locally.

Please forward this information to your members responsible for your Division 3 teams.  Feel free to contact Dave, Ed, Paul, and Doug with your questions and if Ray and I can help in any way please feel free to contact us.

I want to thank Dave, Ed, Paul and Doug for their commitment to this League...please give them your support.

Donna Kerger

District III Commissioner

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  Al Caffodio League Constitution

  Al Caffodio League By-Laws

  Al Caffodio League Guidelines, Rules of Procedure and Conduct (.pdf) *updated for 2011-2012*

  Al Caffodio Behavior Policy (.pdf) *created in 2006*



Al Caffodio Representative Contact Phone Email

District III Commissioner

Donna Kerger


League Administrator - Div 3  Dave Sandusky 925.209.9492 
League Administrator - Div 4 Traveling House Diane Scott 

League Administrator - Div 4 Traveling House

Mita Hartland

Match Secretary - Boys Division

Ed Lecco


Match Secretary - Girls Division

Doug Kress


Referee Representative


Diane Scott

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