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Olympic Development Program

Welcome to ODP District III 2011

District ODP Coordinator: Kamal Della (, 925-413-4656)



Your club coach is the best evaluator of your skills and ability to play at the ODP level.  Therefore, he/she should submit a list of ODP qualified players to his/her DOC.  In turn, the DOC will email the list of players who are qualified to participate at the State ODP tryouts to the district coordinator at: by July 31, 2011.

Once a player is on the list sent to the District Coordinator by the DOC, I will collect the medical forms and fees on August 4th, 5th & 12th at 100 Civic Plaza, Dublin CA 94568 between 6:15 and 8:45 pm.  Parents or players may come and submit the required forms and fees as described below. 



1.    FULLY Complete the attached medical forms

2.    $5.00 District ODP administration costs. (Check payable to District 3 ODP)

3.   ODP State Fees TBD by checking Website 1-2 weeks prior to September 1st.

ODP District Age Groupings 2011:


Important Notes to Remember: 

Important ODP State Dates to Remember

ODP State Identification (Tryouts):

Check the Website   for any changes and also for details information at the State level.

What is ODP?

The Olympic Development Program is a national process for identifying and developing the best youth soccer players.  The process promotes players to the U.S. National Teams, which represent the United States in international competition, such as the Youth World Cup and the Olympics.

The main ODP objective is to identify, evaluate and train highly talented male and female youth soccer players.  As part of this national effort, the CYSA ODP is dedicated to developing the highest level of youth soccer.  This objective must be achieved in an atmosphere of integrity, fairness and impartiality.  The player's physical and cognitive skills and attitude must be the only criteria for the program.  The procedure to achieve this objective must be approved by the CYSA Board of Directors and must not conflict with any US Youth Soccer or United States Soccer Federation (USSF) policies.

The secondary objectives are to:

  • Evaluate and select players in each ODP age group for a State pool of players from which State Team players are selected.

  • Advance the soccer skills of players in each ODP age group.

  • Provide competitions for State Teams in each ODP age group.


While individual leagues or districts may have additional objectives for their local programs, those objectives must not adversely affect the success of the ODP.

ODP participation does not mean that players do not participate on their club team.  ODP participation, whether at the District, State, Regional or National level, is concurrent with club team participation.  The advantages outweigh any conflicts this might pose



ODP, which is open for tryout to all players at the District level, provides the ultimate experience and training for the players selected. District III ODP players compete against players from other districts within CYSA-North, ultimately leading to the selection of state, regional and national ODP players. Each year several players from all over CYSA-North (including many District III players) are selected for national boys and girls teams.  This program opens numerous opportunities for our youth players.

District III ODP tryouts start in May of each year, while the state tryouts are held in December of the same year. Regional camps are generally held in June or early July.

Troy Dayak

Troy Dayak

1992 Olympian

4 time National Champion

Head Coach, California Cougars, Professional Indoor Soccer

Technical Director, Livermore Youth Soccer League

CYSA-North Hall of Fame 2005

"I have great memories of my first experience with the Olympic Development Program!  It was my first time competing for a position on a team without having my own father as the coach.  It was nerve racking waiting for that letter to arrive in the mail announcing if I had made the ODP team or not!

I was 13 years old and I can still distinctly remember  that I had a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant and inside my fortune cookie it read "you will receive good news in the mail soon." 

The very next day I received the letter congratulating me on making the U14 ODP Team.  I still have that fortune in my soccer box today!  3 district teams, 5 Regional, State and National Teams , and 2 junior World Cups later I finally reached my dream - playing in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona Spain.

Thanks ODP for getting me started."  -- Troy Dayak

Troy Dayak - former Earthquakes MSL player

Coaches Information including application - Click here.



Is Dist. ODP a big commitment?


Yes, ODP is a big commitment if you are one of the fortunate players chosen. You are expected to participate in 1 practice session per week, which can begin right after tryouts and continue through the summer. There are also scrimmages to prepare for ODP Play Days in September and October.


How long is the District III ODP Season?


The ODP District season runs from mid-May until mid-October at which time the selections for invitation to the state pool tryouts are made.


When are ODP practice days and where are the practices held?


Each coach selects his or her own practice days. But we practice on Sunday as a rule. Fields are at a premium in District III, but coaches try to secure a field which is centrally located whenever possible.


Will participating in ODP conflict with my club team?


ODP should not conflict with your club/league games or tournaments. ODP sessions should not be interrupted by scrimmages or practice sessions.


Should I enclose a copy of my child's birth certificate?


Not at this time. It is only necessary if your child is selected for the State Olympic Development Pool.


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