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Tom Starr, CYSA State Youth Referee Administrator - There seems to be a large variance of opinions concerning Law 4, specifically, the wearing of Jewelry.  Law 4 states in the first paragraph:

"A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry)."


The Laws of the Game are very specific concerning jewelry - namely, that jewelry is not allowed.  Other than the two exceptions mentioned below referees may not alter this law in any arbitrary way.  Jewelry must be removed, not just covered up (as with tape on earrings).  Friendship bracelets or the "Lance Armstrong" type of bracelets provide a potential danger to other players and must be removed.  Rings of any kind are not allowed.  All visible body piercings which contain earring-like devices are also not allowed.


There are exceptions to the Law.  Religious or medical necklaces or bracelets may be worn if properly protected.  Necklaces must be tucked inside the jersey and taped to the inside of the jersey.  Medical alert bracelets are the only bracelets allowed and they must be completely taped to the wrist.


Since safety is the number one concern of referees it is imperative that Law 4 be strictly enforced.  FIFA, USSF and CYSA want Law 4 to be enforced.  The Laws of the Game state it, the parents expect it, and the players deserve it.


Coaches have the first opportunity to bring the subject of Jewelry to their players.  Referees have the last opportunity and must enforce the Law.


District III ODP Tryouts

District III Youth Referee Administrator, Tim Kirk, congratulates 2009 US Youth Soccer Region IV Young Female Referee, Christine Walden

California Youth Soccer Association's Female Youth Referee of the Year has been named as the 2009 US Youth Soccer Region IV Young Female Referee.


Christine Walden is an 18 year old high school senior from Danville, CA.  With major accomplishments in music, food drive volunteer work, and a 4.0 GPA, Christine has kept herself busy and successful on fields of play that differ greatly from her demonstrated success as a soccer official.  She is a highly ranked goalkeeper in the CYSA Division 1 league, and is an accomplished saxophone player in her high school band.  Her work as a sports medicine intern is a prelude to her career goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.  As a Grade 7 soccer official Christine is comfortable at every level of youth soccer, working nearly 100 games a season.  While she happens to possess a black belt in Karate, she finds her greatest asset in difficult moments and the occasional on field confrontation is her sense of humor.


CYSA is extremely proud of Christine's accomplishments and we congratulate her on being selected to represent the State Association and Region IV.  Christine's name will be added to the list of extraordinary young women who have been honored with this award in the past and who have gone on to achieve great things.

District III Youth Referee of the Year 2008

Christine Walden

District III Youth Referee of the Year 2008 - Christine Walden

Left to Right: Tim Kirk (District III DYRA 2009), Christine Walden (CNRA 2008 Female YROYWS, District III Female YROY)

Congratulations to Christine Walden, CNRA 2008 Female Youth Referee of the Year!

 Also presented at the 2008 CNRA Youth Referee Awards was Ben Rigel, District III Male Youth Referee of the Year. Tim Kirk, the new District III DYRA presented to Ben and Christine. Tom Starr, the CNRA SYRA, the introduction of the program and presented awards.

Gary and Tessie King were also recognized for their years of service as District III DYRAs.


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District III Referee Committee

District III Referee Administrator: Steve Petrakovitz

District III Youth Referee Administrator: Tim Kirk

District III Referee of Instruction: Van Henson

District III Referee of Assessment: Bill Miller


District III League Referee Coordinators

Dublin United SL: Tracy Walker

FC Fremont YSL: Tim Hovis

Livermore YSL: David Bunch

Mustang SL: Bill Crisafulli

Newark SC: Bill Baker

Pleasanton YSL: Eric Larson

San Ramon SC: Simon Yeo


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