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District Tournament Director: Rod Moore (

District Cup Coordinator: Mita Hartland (

District Crossroads Coordinator: Carrie Osmer (

District Season Sunset Coordinator: Chris Hayes (

District State Cup Representative: Carolyn Thomas (

District Association Cup Representative: Tony Stepper (

District Founders' Cup Representative: Mike Fogleman (


CYSA-North Founder's Cup Page:' Cup/founders_cup.htm

CYSA-North Association Cup Page: Cup/association_cup.htm

CYSA-North State Cup Page: Cup/state_cup.htm

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Team Tournament Application: [click here for DIII instructions for teams to apply to attend a tournament]

When filling out a tournament application, remember that District 03 has the following league numbers:

03 = Livermore Youth Soccer League

04 = Dublin United Soccer League

07 = Fremont Youth Soccer League

08 = San Ramon Soccer Club

09 = Newark Soccer Club

11 = Mustang Soccer League

13 = Pleasanton Youth Soccer League

Jamboree Application and Procedure: [click here for DIII Jamboree Application and Instructions]

2008/2009 Season

DISTRICT CUP: This is the district invitational tournament for Division 3 (AC) teams.  Tournament Director contact is

When: December 6th - 7th, 2008

Age Groups: U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14 Division 3 Boys and Girls; U9, U10 Division 1 Boys and Girls

Contact: Mita Hartland (

Schedules: Pending

Rules: Pending


Results from 2007:




B U9:  Champions – Dublin Super Eagles

            2nd place – Newark United

G U9:  Champions – Dublin Lightning

              2nd place – Mustang Stampede

B U10:  Champions – Livermore Elite Hurricanes

            2nd place – Mustang Arsenal

G U10:  Champions – Mustang Xtreme

            2nd place – Mustang Attitude

B U11:  Champions – Newark Earthquakes

            2nd place – Dublin Force

G U11:  Champions – Mustang Dynomite

            2nd place – Mustang Mavericks

BU12:  Champions – Ballistic Black

            2nd place – Mustang Revolution

G U12:  Champions – Mustang Stampede

            2nd place – Mustang Eagles

BU13:  Champions – 

            2nd place – 

G U13:  Champions – Pleasanton Rage

            2nd place – Livermore Elite Arsenal

B U14:  Champions – Mustang Bolts

            2nd place –

B U14:  Champions – Pleasanton Rage

            2nd place –


District III District Cup Contacts




Tournament Director

Mita Hartland

Cell – 925-577- 7733

Dublin United Soccer League



Fremont Soccer Club



Livermore Youth Soccer League



Mustang Soccer League



Newark Soccer Club



Pleasanton Youth Soccer League



San Ramon Soccer Club





District Cup Past Results from 2006:






GU9 Gold

Mustang Xplosion– 2


BU9 Gold

Mustang Arsenal - 4  


Livermore Elite Crew ‘97 - 1



Livermore Elite Crossfire - 0  






GU9 Bronze

Mustang Shooting Stars – 2


BU9 Bronze

Ballistic Black – 1


Mustang Attitude - 1



Mustang Inferno – 0






GU10 Gold

Mustang Mavericks - 2


BU10 Gold

Livermore Elite Lightning - 6


Mustang Fury - 0



San Ramon Revolution - 0











GU10 Bronze

Mustang Tornados - 2


BU10 Bronze

Mustang Galaxy - 1


Mustang Athenas - 2



Livermore Elite Clash - 0






GU11 Bronze

Mustang Stampede – 2


BU11 Bronze

Newark Las Aguilas - 5


Mustang Tigers -1



FC Fremont Explosion - 1






GU12 Bronze

Mustang Sharks - 1


BU12 Bronze

Mustang BT United – 3


Newark Mayhem - 0



Dublin No Fear – 2






GU13 Bronze

San Ramon Lightning - 1


BU13 Bronze



Pleasanton Rage - 0









GU14 Bronze

Mustang Earthquakes - 3


BU14 Bronze



Livermore Elite Rampage - 1





Contact: Mita Hartland (


CROSSROADS: This is the CYSA District III Division IV end of season district championship playoff for U10, U12 and U-14 Boys and Girls champion teams from the seven (7) leagues in District III. This has been hosted by Dublin since the late 1970's. Tournament Director contact is Carrie Osmer (

When: pending

Age Groups: U10, U12 and U14 Division 4 Boys and Girls

Contact: Carrie Osmer (

Schedules: U10 Boys, U10 Girls, U12 Boys, U12 Girls, U14 Boys, U14 Girls

Rules and Maps: Click here for 2006 rules and maps







Runner Up


3rd Place


4th Place

U10 Girls San Ramon Danville Fremont Livermore
U10 Boys Newark Ballistic Fremont Dublin 2
U12 Girls Livermore Rage Newark Livermore
U12 Boys Livermore Fremont Ballistic Fremont
U14 Girls Fremont San Ramon Livermore Danville
U14 Boys Ballistic Livermore Newark San Ramon

SEASON SUNSET TOURNAMENT: This is the CYSA District III Division 4+ (Rec Plus, Enhanced Rec) end of season district championship playoff for U10, U12 and U14 Boys and Girls champion teams from the seven (7) leagues in District III. Leagues that do not have Enhanced Rec play are invited to nominate teams for participation. Hosting clubs, as at the time of writing are San Ramon and Mustang. Tournament Director contact is Chris Hayes (  Nominations will be requested at the end of October 2006.

When: pending

Age Groups: U10, U12 and U14 Division 4 and Division 4+ Boys and Girls

Entry Fee: estimated $175/team

Schedule/Results: click here for full 2006 results

Rules: pending

Contact: Chris Hayes (



2006 Champions

U10 Girls San Ramon Devils
U10 Boys San Ramon Panthers
U12 Girls Rage Monsters
U12 Boys Livermore Warriors
U14 Girls San Ramon Scorpions
U14 Boys San Ramon Mad Dogs

JAMBOREES: For U9 and U10 teams only.

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